Who We Are

We are entertainers. Founded in 2014, creators Kenzie Rowland and Madison Moore gave birth to Ladylike, A Variety Show. For two years the Ladylike troupe performed once a month, just like your period, until a much needed break. But, just like your periods, we too are irregular and…we’re back. 

We are activists. Since the dawn of Ladylike, we have been giving back to our community. We have mentored high school girls, marched along side sexual abuse survivors and raised thousands for local and national female based nonprofits. In 2016 Ladylike was proud to host the very first National Eating Disorder Association walk right here in Atlanta raising our goal of $10K.

We are female. And we are proud. Our mission is and will always be to create a safe space and open platform for women within the entertainment industry and our community.