Join us on the couch as we talk to Katherine Kennedy the Executive Director for Atlanta’s very own Concrete Jungle! Learn about how Concrete Jungle is changing the game and how you can volunteer and get involved! Happy pickings! 

Concrete Jungle was started in 2009 by Craig Durkin and Aubrey Daniels as a volunteer-run, Atlanta-based organization that helps to distribute neglected fruit to the hungry.
Katherine Kennedy is the Executive Director for Concrete Jungle and honestly an all around amazing human being. She is probably the busiest woman in Atlanta with the coolest job we could ever think of. Don’t miss her break down of what an average day looks like for an Executive Director of a nonprofit!
Craig, Aubrey, and several friends started tracking down apple trees growing all over Atlanta, many of which were neglected on public property or in private yards with a pile of apples around the base. They collected these overlooked apples and held an annual Ciderfest to turn them all into apple cider. After several years of increasing apple harvests, the scale of fresh produce going to waste in Atlanta became apparent, and Concrete Jungle was born.
Here’s a peak at the super amazing fruit tree map Katherine talked about on this episode! You can go see it for yourself here on their website!
I don’t know about you, but this sounds like the most fun thing ever to be a part of! Click here to learn how to volunteer!