Megan Leahy is the writer director of the new hit comedy play Ad Nauseam going on right now at Dad’s Garage! Ad Nauseam is a gender swap view of the 1960’s advertising industry. What would the world look like if Madi-Daugher Avenue (not Madison) was run by women and not men. Join us as we talk gender roles, what it takes to write a play and the fun gender swap burlesque scene! 

Megan joins Maddie and Kenzie to talk about her new hit comedy Ad Nauseam!
Say hello to your new favorite cast!
– Freddy Boyd
– Leslie Johnson
– Amber Nash
– Tara Ochs
– Joshua Quinn
– Taylor Roy
– Amanda Lee Williams
Ad Nauseam will be performing every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night at 8pm till June 1st!
As if this show wasn’t amazing enough, if you bring a box of menstrual products to the show you get a free bag of popcorn! It’s a win win!
For more info on Ad Nauseam and to purchase your tickets click here!